Kitchen Exhaust Air Ducting & Fan Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Air Ducting & Fan Cleaning

A clean kitchen is important for health and happiness! KBE offers professional kitchen exhaust cleaning and degreasing services for both personal and commercial kitchens.

Our specialists offer a Complete Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning & Degreasing Services which includes

1.  Degreasing & Cleaning of interior and exterior of Kitchen Exhaust Hood

2.  Degreasing & Cleaning of Exhaust Hood Grease Filters

3.  Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust grills and louvres

4.  Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Fans

5.  Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Outlets

A picture is worth a thousand words. Check out these before and after photos from our work!

Air Cleaner Before

Air Cleaner After

Air Cleaner Filter Before

Air Cleaner Filter After