Central Air Conditioner System Installation

Central Air Conditioner System Installation

Central Air Conditioner systems are often used in hospitals, hotels and large buildings with very high cooling loads. A large space or room is required for the compressor, condenser, thermostatic expansion valve and the evaporator.  The Compressor and the condenser are in shell and tube type.

There are multiple types of central air conditioning systems, including the Multi and Direct expansion systems. One outdoor unit can be connected with multiple indoor units. This provides more efficient energy conservation, as the individual indoor units may be powered off as needed. Various indoor units are also available to complement your interior design.

Another common type of center air conditioner can be suspended from the ceiling, while the standard cassette type air conditioners will be wall-mounted.

Professional Central Air Conditioner Installation Services

KBE Air Conditioning provides highly trained and experienced technicians to handle your air conditioning needs. We focus on:

  • Completely silent and highly effective air conditioning in every room
  • Suitable for hotels, hospitals, and large buildings
  • Multiple types of Air Conditioner Units, including Ceiling Suspended units and Cassette Air Conditioner Units.