Regular Air Conditioner Servicing & Maintenance

Regular Aircon Maintenance Singapore

We provide complete Aircon maintenance and servicing packages for retail, commercial, and residential properties. Our scope of work includes:

  • Cleaning of Evaporator coil
  • Cleaning of air filters
  • Cleaning of Blower fan wheel
  • Cleaning of condensation of drainage pan
  • Flush the blocking drain pipe line
  • Check all electrical components
  • Check all settings
  • Check refrigerant gas system for leakage
  • Test gas pressure using thermometer ampere and voltage reading when necessary
  • Lubricate the moving parts.
  • Disinfectant spray on
  • Testing and commissioning

Advantages of regular Aircon Maintenance Singapore

  • Reduce the risk of system breakdown
  • System will provide healthy and cleaner air supply
  • Improve the system efficiency and thus save electricity bill
  • Waive the transportation charges during the service term
  • Rectify water leakage during the service term
  • Top up of Freon R22 gas with additional charges applied
  • Warranty workmanship for 90 days

Normal rate for Aircon servicing

Wall mount air conditioner 9k - 18k btu $40
Wall mount air conditioner 24k - 36k btu $50
More than 2 no of fan coil units $35 Per unit
Ceiling cassette air conditioner 5 Hp $40
Ceiling Suspend air conditioner 5 Hp $50
Condensing unit $50
Top up R22 gas 10 psi $15
Top up R410 gas 10 psi $25
1 no & above of fan coil unit after 6 pm $55

Yearly Contract Aircon Services for units 9-36k btu

Basic Plan 3 times a year (Per unit) $90
Quarterly Plan 4 times a year (Per Unit) $120
Bi-Monthly Plan 6 times a year (Per Unit) $180
Monthly plan 12 times a year (Per Unit) $360

Yearly Contract Aircon Services for units above 36k btu

Basic Plan 3 times a year (Per Unit) $105
Quarterly Plan 4 times a year (Per Unit) $120
Bi-monthly plan 6 times a year (Per Unit) $180
Monthly Plan 12 time a year (Per Unit) $360

* Btu – British Thermal Unit (Btu) is the international measure of energy. Btu’s measure the quantity of heat a conditioning unit can remove from a room per hours. One BTU per hour is equal to 0293 watts. Btu may differ based on the size of the room.

Operating hours: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday – Saturday

  • Our friendly customer service officer will attend to you upon the availability of the appointment schedule
  • Response time may take longer on peak period
  • Our professional team will handle all your air conditioner problems.
  • Our service and quick response will be competitively price with our highly trained technicians.
  • Rates may vary with the situations
  • Price does not include 7% GST