Air Conditioner Chemical Wash and Cleaning

Air Conditioner Chemical Wash and Cleaning

KBE specialises in aircon cleaning service Singapore to ensure your air-con system provides your home or office with fresher and healthier air.  Our scope of work for AC chemical cleaning includes:

  • Dismantle evaporator unit for chemical cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning of evaporator coil
  • Cleaning of condenser coil
  • Cleaning of condensate drain pan
  • Cleaning of condensate water drainage system
  • Cleaning of blower wheel and blade
  • Checking of all electrical component
  • Checking of all setting
  • Lubricating of all moving parts
  • Re-installation of evaporator unit
  • Checking of refrigerant system
  • Lubricating of all moving parts.
  • Disinfectant spray on
  • Testing and commissioning

Advantages of Aircon Cleaning Service:

  • Prolong the product life span of the air conditioner system
  • Increase cooling with saving on electricity bill
  • Overall cost saving on total maintenance
  • Eliminate the water leakage problem
  • Reduce water leakage problem

Service charges for air conditioner chemical cleaning without contract.

9000 btu air conditioner $120
12,000 btu air conditioner $140
18,000 btu air conditioner $200
24,000 btu air conditioner $260
36,000 btu air conditioner $280
Condensing unit 9,000 btu $100
Condensing unit 12,000 btu $100
Condensing unit 18,000 btu $120
Condensing unit 24,000 btu $120
Condensing unit 28,000 btu $140
Condensing unit 30,000 btu $150
Condensing unit 36,000 btu $150
Ceiling Casette & Ceiling Suspended 12000 btu $220
Ceiling Casette & Ceiling Suspended 12000 btu $270
Ceiling Casette & Ceiling Suspended 12000 btu $370
Condensing Unit depending on the size

Operating hour: 8.30 am to 5.30 pm Monday v- Saturday

  • Our friendly customer service officer will attend to you upon the availability of the appointment schedule
  • Response time may take longer on peak period
  • Our professional team will handle all your air conditioner problems.
  • Our service and quick response will be competitively price with our highly trained technicians.
  • Rates may vary with the situations
  • Warranty of workmanship of 90 days
  • Price excludes 7% GST.