Air Conditioner Checking & Troubleshooting Services

Air Conditioner Checking & Trouble Shooting Services


We are a professional Singapore Aircon Repair & Servicing Company in Singapore. Our air conditioner technicians specialise in both electrical and mechanical fields, to check and trouble shoot if your air conditioner is not working.  We can service and repair your AC unit within a day or two for commonly identified root causes.

Many types of problems may arise out of small problems. Some common problems are – aircon not working, air is not cold, water leaking, air-con cannot be turned on.

Air-con not working

If your Aircon is not working, it may be due to the short circuit of the electronic circuit board or a broken printed circuit board.  The likely causes may be:

  • Compressor is not working due to its motor failure when no fan is turning.
  • Electronic modules in the compressor control units are not working
  • Overheating of the compressor unit

Air-con cannot be turned on

When Aircon cannot be turned on, it may be caused by the remote control unit.  The likely causes are the leaked or fully consumed battery.  In the worst case, the remote control sensor may not be working.

In the case when the flips or the louvre of the fan coil units are not flipping, it maybe caused by the motor control of the louvre of the fan coil unit.

The compressor has been under power with lower size power pint, providing insufficient power supply.

Water Leakage

Water leakage could well be the most common issue when the air conditioner system has not been serviced in a while. The algae accumulated along the pipes may cause blockage to the drainage system, which results in a backlog of water pressure that ends up exiting via the fan coils instead of through to the drainage.

Air is not cold

When the air is not cold this could be a result of gas leakage or depleted gas levels.  It may also be as simple as the mode controls are set incorrectly.  In rare cases, this could be a result of pipe leakage, the worst case being a faulty compressor unit, there are many diagnostics for this issue.

Scope of work

  • We will help check and trouble shoot these problems,
  • Identify the root cause of the problems.
  • Our specialist will also provide service report and prepare a quotation of services.
  • Our specialist will recommend the best probable solution

For Service and Repair, Refer to Section: Air Conditioner Service and Repair