Air Conditioner Service & Repair & Test

Air Conditioner Service, Repair, Testing


We begin by testing the Printed Circuit Board (PCB) and electronic components for both the compressor and air conditioner fan coil units. We will also check the PCBs that could be found in the louver motor control module, compressor motor fan control module, remote control module and remote control sensors. Should any faults be discovered, we will implement replacements and repairs. All PCB repairs are conducted in our own in-house workshop.

Our scope of work in the air conditioner service and repair includes:

  • Dismantle the compressor units, and the Printed circuit board
  • Further investigation of the PCB module on site and in our workshop
  • Prepare service and repair cost and advise customer on the recommendation
  • Carry the repair, testing of the Printed circuit board within 2 – 4 working days or more in some complex problems.
  • Warranty workmanship of 90 days on the repaired items only

The repair charges vary with the complexity of the service and  work. It also depends on the capacity of each aircon unit.  Final cost will be provided after initial investigation. In some cases, if the customer does not agree to the repair service upon quotation, a small fee will be imposed for labour and transport on the investigation work.  Feel free to call or send us an enquiry.