Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Filters Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Hood & Filters Cleaning

Kitchen Exhaust Hood are known by various terms in the industry such as Vent hood, Ventilation Hood, Extractor Hood, Cooker Hob or Cooker Hood. Cleaning Kitchen Exhaust hoods normally comprise of 2 components, Hood and Filters.

KBE provides the professional services on Kitchen Exhaust Hood and Filters cleaning as described below.

  1.  Degreasing & Cleaning of Kitchen Exhaust Hood for interior and Exterior
  2.   Degreasing & Clearing of Kitchen Exhaust Hood Grease Filters


One Time Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Service Package

A one time Kitchen Exhaust System Service will include cleaning and degreasing of all the existing components, and is typically recommended for clients who are acquiring establishments that have existing Kitchens. Our Thorough clean ensures effective extraction of grease and odour that has manifested from previous use, which will stop from grease getting onto kitchen staff when they are at work. This service package also helps to ensure compliance with SCDF and NEA health and safety regulations.


Regular Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning Service Package

We specialise in regular kitchen Exhaust System cleaning & Maintenance.  With regular service maintenance, clients will keep the exhaust suction power at optimal efficiency, thus saving its electricity bills.

Health and safety hazards can be negated from servicing too, as grease accumulated in the exhaust hoods and filters may become a fire hazard of not treated. It is a common cause of fire in the Kitchen Exhaust Hood when a stray flame flares up from the stove, which will possibly ignite the trapped grease causing a fire that may spread too quickly.

Kitchen Exhaust Duct Before

Kitchen Exhaust Duct After