FAQ – KBE Aircon Services & Kitchen Exhaust Cleaning Singapore

Commonly asked questions on aircon servicing, kitchen exhaust cleaning, ducting are listed out here in order to get a better understanding and how to manage the situation. Apart from general aircon information, we also highlight the impact of each scenario. By the end of this section, you should have a better grasp of your budget by way of more efficiently planned aircon servicing & its management schedule, which should include routine and preventive servicing.

Kitchen exhaust services Singapore helps to expel odour that may turn into an irritant to kitchen staff. This includes fumes, grease and strong smells. These exhaust systems are put under a lot of strain as these types of pollutants have denser particles than your average air or dust particles. Hence, this requires special care to ensure it is running at optimum levels. Here are 5 components that can be improved with routine kitchen exhaust cleaning in Singapore.

1: It saves you electricity and spare part bills

With a regular service maintenance package in place, The Kitchen Exhaust’s suction capabilities can be kept at optimum efficiency where fans and turbines can work effortlessly as it is not clogged or blocked by grease build up in the chamber therefore significantly reducing electricity bills. The lifespan of the kitchen fan motor is also prolonged, which will reduce potentially hefty replacement costs of this component.

2: It gives our client a healthy and safety kitchen operation.

Health and safety hazards can be negated from servicing too, as grease accumulated in the exhaust hoods and filters may become a fire hazard if not treated. It is a common cause of fire in the Kitchen Exhaust Hood when a stray flame flares up from the stove, which will possibly ignite the trapped grease causing a fire, which may have devastating consequences.

3: Compliancy for safety and hygiene standards.

Part of a fully operational kitchen’s standard procedures is to be compliant with the Singapore Civil Defence Force and the National Environmental Authority’s standards for hygiene and safety. Essentially, food and beverage establishments are required to ensure the cleanliness of the kitchen’s cooking area and exhaust hood, which is a major assessment during an inspection for compliancy.

4: It ensures your clients dine in comfort.

A faulty Kitchen exhaust system may result in fumes and odours permeating to the area where your clients are situated, causing them to feel irritated resulting in losses to your business. Servicing the Kitchen exhaust system also ensures your kitchen staff’s working environments does not affect their work.

5: It gives you peace of mind in your business.

Our regular kitchen exhaust cleaning and de-greasing services will provide clients with peace of mind in relations to safe and hygienic kitchen operations, allowing you the business owner to focus on other aspects of business development.

Does regular air conditioner servicing help?

Air conditioner systems require attention from time to time. Like a car, it is also a mechanical object with running parts that are designed to give users a better standard of living. Similarly, they both require maintenance to ensure optimum running efficiency. Like all malfunctions, an aircon unit may experience hiccups after many years of usage and if chosen to be ignored, the problem may become more catastrophic, resulting in hefty repair or replacement costs so it is important to understand the different aircon services Singapore offers and which ones should be prioritised.

1: Your air conditioner will serve you well, providing optimal room temperature for your homes and offices.

Your air condition delivers cool air to your space, but how do you know if it is operating efficiently? If you realise that it hasn’t been serviced in a while then it probably isn’t operating at full efficiency. Aircon systems require a routine check up, regular parts replacement and cleaning to ensure that your aircon can perpetually deliver cool air efficiently.

2: Improve coolness of the air to be fresh and health friendly.

Part of an air conditioner’s job is to filter particles from the air not only to provide fresh, cool air to users but also to stop the condenser coils, fans and pans from getting clogged with fine particles. These components require regular cleaning as well, so that the system can continue to discharge clean, fresh air. A routine for servicing can be discussed with a service technician.

3: Prevention is better than cure. Eliminate potential problems early so there is no water leaking or dysfunction.

It certainly isn’t ideal if your air con unit is leaking or malfunctioning. This can be simply avoided with regular servicing so while you are going about your daily lives you wouldn’t have to worry about coming home to nothing short of a cool and comfortable environment. Our Aircon Service Technicians are able to diagnose your system for any potential problems and repair the dysfunction before it leads to breakdown.

4: Save you from higher expenses for undesired repairs

Early diagnostics and repair work could save you money; it is more economical in the long run to schedule regular aircon maintenance in Singapore, than having to deal with a major overhaul. Replacing small and usually inexpensive parts can be frustrating, but can save you from major problems later on.

5: Extending the lifespan of your Air Conditioning Unit.

The lifespan of your aircon system can be prolonged. It can continue to ensure a comfortable living space simply with regular aircon servicing, like changing the oil of a car to prolong the engine’s lifespan in order to take you more places.