Aircon (Air Conditioner) Servicing & Maintenance

Singapore Aircon Servicing & Maintenance

KBE Air Conditioning & Engineering Pte Ltd offers a wide range of comprehensive services for installations, repairs, and maintenance of air conditioning in residential and commercial properties.

  1.     Singapore Aircon Servicing and Maintenance: aircon units should be regularly monitored to ensure optimum performance. At KBE Airconditinoing, we offer regular servicing that ensures a long lifespan as well as lower electricity bills. A thorough servicing by our technicians also ensures that servicing charges are kept to a minimum and spare part replacements are affordable. Instead of offering ad-hoc maintenance service, we offer yearly contracts.
  •      Aircon Checking
  •      Aircon Water Leaking
  •      Aircon Trouble-shooting
  •      Aircon Repairing

Photograph: Our technician at work, dismantling a wall mounted aircon unit’s fan coil for thorough chemical cleaning in order to remove dirt and bacteria trapped in the cooling coils, something a normal service doesn’t usually include.

  1.     Aircon Chemical Wash: If your aircon is running at optimum performance, we offer chemical washes to help remove clogged debris and dirt. Freeing your aircon from bacteria and other unwanted substances, we ensure that your aircon unit produces cleaner air, is quieter, and enjoys an increased capacity for cooling without using additional power.
  •      Chemical Washing
  •      Chemical Cleaning
  •      Chemical overhaul
  •      Refilling of refrigerant gas

Photograph: The illustration of aircon fan coil before and after chemical cleaning

Our Scope of Work in Trouble-shooting

You can opt for our routine inspection, maintenance, and repair services on a yearly contract with two, three, four, and six visits a year. Our scope of work during a standard visit includes:

  1. Cleaning of filters and blower fans with vacuum and brushing of heat exchanger.
  2. Washing of drip tray and the flush drain pipe.
  3. Checking the thermostat, ventilation control, and speed for normal functions.
  4. Checking the electrical control circuit for safety.
  5. Checking and tightening of all loose connections.
  6. Checking of the refrigerant circuits for any leakages.
  7. Checking and recording various operational data.
  8. Testing the gas pressure with thermometers.

Based on your air conditioner mechanical ventilation system, we offer a number of service packages with affordable pricing. Get in touch with our professionals to find the most suitable Singapore Aircon Servicing package from KBE.