KBE Aircon Ducting Singapore ensures quality and professionalism of our ductworks. Our extensive in-house resources are tailored to the unique needs of each of our clients and projects. KBE adopts a fully integrated approach by combining safety, quality and production. You are provided with the highest grade of workmanship with regular updates of the project’s progress. Rest assured that your project will be completed on time and within budget.

Maintaining quality indoor air is important to the health of your family, as well as, your air-conditioning system. If you need inspection and or ductwork cleaning, get in touch with us. The return air duct, the supply duct and return air intakes are cleaned and inspected to make sure that your system is operating properly and minimizes the amount of pollutants.


Our Aircon Ducting Singapore Services

KBE provides the information and drawings to illustrate the elements of construction and installation of commercial kitchen exhaust hoods. The information is intended to encourage standardization in installations and to call attention to the appropriate segregation of responsibilities of those involved with food service design and installation.

Commercial kitchen ventilation includes both exhausting air as well as providing replacement air within the cooking area. Whether a restaurant is a small free-standing site or a large institutional kitchen, managing and balancing airflow is a complex issue. It is a challenge to properly ventilate commercial kitchens, as they require moving large volumes of air through duct work and equipment placement in very restricted spaces.

Overall the design, construction, installation and maintenance are required to get optimum performance and an energy-efficient air balance from the system.

We also offer deep cleaning services which include de-greasing of the units, duct work and fans.