Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning & De-Greasing Services

Kitchen Exhaust System Cleaning & De-Greasing Services

We offer de-greasing and exhaust cleaning services. Our kitchen exhaust specialists are tasked to perform exhaust cleaning for commercial and residential customers. Grease laden vapours from kitchen cooking operations travel into the hood, through the vent hood filters, and into duct work that leads to the exhaust fan on the roof. The process comprises of removing grease accumulated inside the ducts, hoods, fans and vents. Regular cleaning reduces fire risks and eliminates foul odours in your premises.

Under NFPA-96,  SCDF require Kitchen Exhaust Ducts are required to undergo de-greasing and cleaned every 12 months & Enforcement by National  Environment Agency (NEA) toward Food outlet licensees who fail to comply clean air and food hygiene regulations.


Kitchen Hood Before Servicing

Kitchen Hood After Servicing

Kitchen Exhaust Box Fan Before

Kitchen Exhaust Box Fan After

Kitchen Exhaust Axial Fan Before

Kitchen Exhaust Axial Fan After