March 5, 2018

Why replace an existing Aircon unit when you can maintain it?

What a Load of Rubbish

Living through extreme temperatures makes us think of ways we can make our home more comfortable. When we walk into our homes, we want to feel an escape from the weather extremes; the high heat during summer, or the cold days of winter.

One of the easiest and most affordable options is to install a split system air conditioner. A unit that can provide relief from both hot and cold. This style of heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) system has become very popular. A report by the Department of Environment in July 2014 states that 70% of sales of HVAC systems in 2010 were split systems.

But, while most homes use their HVAC system daily it is easy to become a forgotten asset. We tend to flick the switch and then forget that the unit even exists. We forget that this piece of equipment is no different to our fridge, washing machine or dishwasher. It needs to be well cared for, maintained, and serviced.

Every major manufacturer states on their warranty card that you must regularly clean your air conditioner or the warranty is void. It is routinely viewed that the end of the life of an air conditioner to be five years. However, when properly maintained those units should see lifespans of up to 15 years.


Many factors will prevent an HVAC unit from reaching their life expectancy. An unmaintained HVAC unit that is in a home with high levels of dust, dander, contaminants like cigarette smoke, and mould could have its life expectancy greatly impacted.


Extending the life of your equipment through adequate cleaning and maintenance provides a 10:1 return on investment when compared to the replacement cost.

We are now living in a disposable society, where anything that is old or broken is disposed of and replaced. The issue is that the more we dispose of, the greater the impact to landfill and the environment.

The Department of Environment has predicted that in Australia alone almost 1,000,000 HVAC units will be disposed of in 2020, this is based on an HVAC unit having a life expectancy of 10 years.

Figure: Rate of disposal of air conditioners


The report from the Department of Environment states that the average weight of a reverse cycle split system unit is 101kg. Considering that almost 1,000,000 units are expected to be disposed of in 2020. This means that disposed HVAC units will make up 101,000 tonnes of landfill in the next few years. Where a unit is disposed of before the ten-year mark the impact to the landfill is increased.

What Can You Do to Reduce Landfill?

When was the last time you had your HVAC unit cleaned and serviced? Do you clean the filters regularly?

Well maintained units need very little ongoing repairs. Good quality maintenance of your air conditioner unit will offer long term benefits. The unit

will last longer and the air you breathe will be cleaner. This will benefit the health of you, your family, your hip pocket, and that of the environment.

Why replace an existing unit when you can maintain it?

How Can HydroKleen Help?

HydroKleen is a forward-thinking company. They are environmentally conscious, always researching new technologies that will improve their service.

HydroKleen is the global leader in cleaning air conditioners. This is the one thing they do, and they do it well.


All air conditioners, after regular usage, become infected with “microbial contamination”. This contamination includes fungi, mould, and bacteria. Air conditioners and heat pumps are the perfect environments for such contaminants. These contaminants become airborne every time you switch your air conditioner on.

So, replacing the air conditioner will fix the problem temporarily, but it will recur. A specialist air conditioning cleaner is required to ensure that the unit is hygienically cleaned on a regular basis.

As a minimum, the technician should:

  • Remove and clean filters
  • Remove and clean all plastic fascias
  • Clean scroll fan and surround
  • Clean evaporator coil
  • Clean and check drains
  • Dry clean all electrical components (PC Board)
  • Sanitise inside unit
  • Clean condensers (outside unit)

When you have a HydroKleen technician attend at your home or office, you can be reassured that your unit is going to be cleaned thoroughly and hygienically. All the mess is captured in the trademarked cleaning bags and not on your carpet.

Why would you trust your air conditioner to anyone else? An annual HydroKleen will maintain your unit to a very high standard and will expand its life expectancy.

Call HydroKleen today to book your clean 6506 7336.


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