March 26, 2019

Why is kitchen exhaust cleaning so important?

Without a proper exhaust cleaning, the exhaust gases created by cooking processes leave a greasy residue on the inside of ductwork. The heat removed by the exhaust system heats this residue, which causes a fire hazard. The three elements required for a fire are air, fuel and heat.

These three factors are present in the exhaust system, just waiting to ignite. A simple flare-up while cooking is all it may take. You may extinguish a fire in your cooking area, but the flare-up can also ignite the grease in the ductwork. This is not as easy to extinguish, as the ductwork usually disappears into the ceiling cavity.
Residue in the exhaust ductwork can potentially be food source for vermin, who enter the ductwork when it is not operational. All these problems can possibly send your business into a financial downward spiral.
How often should kitchen exhaust systems be cleaned?
Regular kitchen exhaust maintenance provides numerous benefits for your property and business:
  • Lowers the risk of financial loss caused by a serious fire.
  • Removes fire hazards.
  • Removes food sources of insects and rodents.
  • Complies with local fire and health regulations.
  • Complies with insurance requirements.
  • Brings peace of mind to you and your employees.
  • Improved internal and external appearance.
  • Lower electrical costs.
  • Improved equipment efficiency.
  • Improved operating capacity.
  • Prevention of costly breakdowns.
  • Extended equipment life.
  • Healthier indoor environment.

Why Clean Kitchen Exhaust Hoods?

Extractor hoods work to remove steam, smoke, and smells, from kitchens. As a result, hoods can become dirty. Cleaning hoods periodically is important to:

  • Prevent clogging of the extractor by grease, fumes and other cooking outcomes. Clogging restricts airflow, which can lead to the fan getting overheated. This can cause fire hazards.
  • Lengthen the life of the extractor hood.

Why Use a Professional Cleaning Service?

Because experts know the best. Depending on the type of extractor hoods (e.g. flat, chimney-style, etc.), an appropriate cleaning method needs to be used. Right cleaning solutions need to be used to remove stubborn stains without damaging equipment. Professional extractor hood cleaning services come with the technical know-how and the equipment essential to clean your hoods efficiently.

Why Choose KBE for Cleaning?

At KBE, we offer high quality cleaning solutions for all commercial and industrial facilities across Singapore. We are BCA registered & Bizsafe 3 certified.

Contact KBE at 6506 7330 for reliable and efficient extractor hood cleaning.

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