June 8, 2017

How Healthy is Your Air Conditioner?

Aircon faq includes some great tips and will help you to save money and stay warm. But, before you turn it on, you need to consider some important points  .

  • Does it need cleaning before you flick the switch?
  • When was the last time you had the filters , fan and coil cleaned?
  • What is the quality of the air that will enter your home when you turn it on for the first time?
  • How many little creatures have made your Air Conditioner their home since last service?

Aside from the effect on the health of you and your family, it will impact the health of your bank account. How healthy will it be when winter is over and you get your energy bill? A poorly maintained, dirty, split system air conditioner or heat pump may make you AND your wallet feel a little sick.!

Your unit won’t work efficiently if the airflow is blocked with dust, dirt, mold, DNA , and decaying creatures. It is imperative that the coil and filters are professionally cleaned to ensure all these nasties are gone and air flows freely through your unit.

If you think that your unit is clean because you have cleaned the “easy to remove” filters then you need to consider what is behind the filters. Are you putting clean filters back into a dirty unit?

Professional Cleaning of Your Unit

There are many companies that will tell you that they can clean your air conditioner. But, are they doing a quality job? Can they get rid of all the nasties in your unit? Ask them if they have  the tick of Approval from the Asthma Foundation of Australia before you hire them. There is only one company with this endorsement and that’s HydroKleen KBE Singapore.

HydroKleen KBE provides a Total Solution Process (TSP). This process comprises air-conditioner testing, cleaning, optimization, and protection. KBEs’ TSP ensures air conditioning systems perform at optimum efficiency. This results in a longer lifespan, significantly reduced cost to run and maintain, as well as ensuring dramatically improved air quality.

HydroKleen KBE is the leader in air conditioning cleaning, sanitising and decontamination. We clean all major market sectors including government, mining, aged care, child care, hotel and resorts, medical centres, restaurants, and domestic premises.

We conduct cleans on all makes and models of split systems, RAC, cassettes, ducted and under ceiling air conditioning systems.

So, before the days and nights get too chilly call us. We can make your home warm and toasty without costing you the health of your family or wallet. You will be surprised at how little we charge to make your home healthy.

Contact us today on 6506-7336 to arrange an appointment with one of our friendly technicians.

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