May 8, 2017

Who Can Offer A Guarantee For Air Conditioning Service?

There is one company in Singapore that provides the expertise and best technology to not just clean but sanitize air conditioning units. This is their specialty. Their process is so unique that it has been trademarked. This company is KBE.


KBE virtually eradicates any microbial contamination in air conditioners and heat pumps.

If you want to see a demonstration of how they thoroughly clean air conditioning units check out the YouTube video at

You may think that this intensive clean will be expensive. The low cost of this service will surprise you, it will also save you money in the future.

“We are very pleased and impressed with the speed and quality of your service. All your staff, from the ones who helped to schedule the service to the servicemen who came over to our office, acted professionally and are outstanding. Thumbs up for great service at fair and reasonable pricing! .” C T CHING PAC, Singapore.

Invest in the health of your staff, family, visitors, students, and even patients. Call KBE today on 6506-7330 and breathe healthy air.

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