May 16, 2017

How Can I Make My Air Conditioner Last Longer?

All modern homes are expected to have some form of cooling Systems. Split-system or ducted air tends to be the most popular way to keep your home at a comfortable temperature. Modern technology also dictates that rooms need to be maintained at a certain temperature.

But, to cool a home can be very expensive. A reasonable sized split system air conditioner could cost several weeks salary, and you may need more than one. A ducted system could cost several month’s salaries or the price of a small sized new car.

So, why is it then, that we tend to neglect the one item in our home that makes us the most comfortable. You can be lying on the most comfortable bed, but if you are too hot or too cold you’ll be uncomfortable.

The best way to extend the life of your unit is to keep it cleaned and well maintained.

Cleaning of the Filters

We all tend to forget that we need to clean and maintain our air conditioner units. When was the last time you cleaned the filter on your unit? Was it more than a month ago, six months ago, maybe a year ago?

If you want to get a good return on your investment then you need to ensure that the unit is maintained and cleaned regularly. This regular maintenance and cleaning will sustain your unit for a much longer time.

A great way to remember to clean the filters on your unit is to set a pop-up reminder on your phone or computer, or mark it on your calendar. Cleaning of the filters is relatively easy and can be done by just about anyone. There should be a guide to doing this in the manual for your unit. If not, Choice Magazine website offers a good guide on how to clean these filters.

*“Take the filters outside for a good brush or shake. Filters can usually also be vacuumed for a thorough clean; use the vacuum cleaner’s dusting brush head if you have one. If the filters are very dirty and grimy, you can wash them in warm water with some mild detergent and rinse them clean. Make sure they are completely dry before putting them back in the unit.”

Superior Cleaning

The filters in your air conditioner will only catch a certain amount of the dust or microbes in the air. Some of this will penetrate through the filters and onto the surface of the coil or head of the unit.

All air conditioners, after regular usage, become infected with “microbial contamination”. This contamination includes a variety of organisms such as mold, mildew, fungi, bacteria, and human DNA, (skin cells), which can make you and your family sick.
Air conditioners are the perfect environment for such contaminants. These contaminants become constantly airborne every time you switch your air conditioner on. Mold combined with humidity can be a potent mix.

So, it is essential that you arrange for a specialized air conditioner cleaner to thoroughly clean and sanitize your unit at least annually.

Having a good quality air conditioner technician is the same as having a good quality mechanic. You won’t take your car to just anyone, especially if it is your pride and joy. You want someone that you can trust. Someone that will look after you and the unit.

We are Specialists in Hygienically Cleaning Air Conditioners

KBE clean and service air conditioners and heat pumps globally. We’re the air conditioning cleaning experts. We specialise in one thing and we do it well.
KBE offers comprehensive air conditioning servicing. We specialise in cleaning and sanitising split systems, ceiling cassette units and even ducted. After a service your air is fresh and healthy, reducing sickness and helping you live a healthier life.

When you get your air conditioning serviced with us you won’t only stay healthier you’ll also save money as the unit will run more efficiently.
We pride ourselves on our prompt and professional service. We will be there when you need us and we will do the job to the highest standards. Our team are ready to go. So, call us now and we will be around in no time to clean and service your air conditioner.

You and your family can breathe healthy air again.

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