May 8, 2017

Top 15 Questions You Should Ask Your Technician?

There are several key questions that you should ask of anyone attempting to clean or service your air conditioning unit.


  1. Are you professionally trained industry experts?
  2. Do national health councils(Australia) or groups endorsed or approved?
  3. When you clean the unit do you only clean the filters or do you also clean the coil?
  4. Does the maintenance include cleaning and checking the drains?
  5. Do you check the air flow before and after the cleaning to ensure optimum performance?
  6. Will you increase the airflow of the unit by up to 50%?
  7. Do you sanitize and hygienically clean the unit?
  8. Do you use harmful chemicals to clean the unit?
  9. Are you registered in BCA & BizSafe3?
  10. Do you offer guarantee?
  11. What guarantee do you have that you will increase your airflow?
  12. Will you discuss with you the cleaning process before commencing?
  13. What guarantee do you have if my air conditioner starts leaking after your service?
  14. Do you clean up any mess after you have finished?
  15. Can you guarantee that I’ll be breathing healthy air when finished?

If your technician cannot answer any of the above questions to your approval then you’d better look for someone else who can.

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