May 8, 2017

Is Air Conditioner Really Bad For Your Health?


Health problems have had a direct link to air conditioning units in the past, however these problems have yet to be a cause of the systems by themselves.

The most common problem can be ignored is the maintenance of the AC which will lead to health problems. If the unit is not cleaned frequently, you will be growing mold and other micro-organisms, from this, allergies, irritation and asthma can occur.


Most of us spend more than 90% of our time indoors. The quality of the air we breathe indoors has a direct impact on our health, especially harmful to vulnerable groups such as children & elderly. Split systems are the ideal breeding ground for mold, bacteria & fungi, If you have the bad odor in Air conditioner, this indicates that your system need cleaning.

We will minimize your running cost so you can save your energy bills. if the fan coil unit is dirty, it works harder to cool the air at the time the system will become clog with dirt & mold. The dirt on the fan coil will sill build up without a service for some extended period will always reduction in the quality of air it produces. Our cleaning process will clean dust & Air-borne contaminants of the coil which is locate behind your filters.

These health risks can be prevented is there is a little maintenance done to ensure your system is free of mold. In a clean environment, maintenance should only need to be carried out every six to twelve months.

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