May 3, 2017

Air Con Cannot Turn On

If the air conditioner unit is stopped and then started immediately again, the compressor may not operate for about 2 to 3 minutes.  Whenever the power to the air compressor unit is interrupted, the protection circuit prevents the unit from re-start for several (2-3) minutes when power returns.

This is the built-in function of the protection circuit to prevent fuse blow out due to the electricity surge when power turns off and on immediately.

Problem on power switch at the fan coil unit

Fan coil is designed with a mechanical switch to enable the air conditioner to turn on and off.  Frequent use of the mechanical switch ON/OFF without remote control may result in the faulty switch.  It may turn off the air conditioner if it is malfunctioned.

Timer of the remote control unit is set.

If the timer of the remote control unit is set, it turns off the air conditioner fan coil.

Faulty fan coil printed circuit board

A printed circuit board controls the operation of the air conditioner.  If the printed circuit board is not working, it stops the whole operation of the air conditioner unit or simply shut down the air conditioner unit once power on.

We advice to employ a professional air con company to trouble shoot the probable of the problems.  As a air con service company, we will recommend the best solution on the alternate services required and its cost.

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