May 3, 2017

Advantages of Ductless Split Air Conditioner System

Ductless split air conditioners are installed in places where duct installation is undesired, where the cost is main consideration. The split air conditioners cool more than few rooms and allow separate room to control its temperature, It is not feasible to use central or other types of air conditioners.

In split air conditioner system, one outdoor unit serves multiple indoor units.  It allows allow individual room temperatures being separately controlled.

Advantages of ductless air conditioners

·Cheaper and Easier to install than central air or duct air conditioner systems.

·Temperature in each room can be controlled separately, very flexible.

·They automatically turn on and off to maintain desired room temperature.

·They are easily maintained or be replaced.

·Ideal for ductless installation.

·Quiet but powerful.

·Remotely controlled.

·Variable speed compressors use up less power than central air units.

We install mostly in the residential, apartment or HDB flats, with the ductless split air con system, where space and cost prevails. With the advanced technology, a split air con system can have 5 or even 6 fan coils with only 1 compressor.

We are a professional air con company and our specialists will consult with clients on types air con system and need. Feel Free to contact us.

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